Company Profile

The First Emporium Group is a family-owned and run business which operates a chain of department stores and supermarkets. Because of this, we understand the importance of providing good friendly, service and an extensive range of quality products at reasonable and competitive prices for families and households across Brunei.

Our business operations were shaped and influenced from the humble beginnings and grand vision of our founder, Lim Koh Phay and from the founding family’s experiences in the retail industry. We have grown today in a substantially short amount of time, thanks to the support of the community that we serve. Through a series of expansions, we now operate more than 10 subsidiary companies in the four districts.


To satisfy our partners and customers with a unique shopping experience offering quality, variety, price and service, based on the attention and commitment of our employees. To be known for our comfortable and friendly supermarket departmental stores.


To be an independent, innovative, honest and sustainable cooperative in which customers are able to choose from a wide range of goods at reasonable prices. In other words, to be a model company and a reference in the distribution sector.

Core Values

To listen to the customers, the employees, the suppliers and to our environment, to provide products, training, information, welfare, development and sustainability, and to be responsible through commitment, honesty and respect.

Services Provided

Apart from selling goods, we provide several services as well. On special occasions or upon request by customers, we provide the service to be able to create a hamper for them that mainly contains edible goods in the hamper itself. Furthermore, we provide a delivery service to our customers for their in-store purchased items that are either bought in a large amount of quantity or in bulk. In addition, one of the other services we provide is dealing with the quotation orders that we receive whether it is from an individual or a company that would like to order bulk quantities in advance. This service is a representation to being a personal shopper.

Product Descriptions

Given that we are a departmental store, our variety of products are very wide ranged. It ranges from products such as food and beverages, textile, toys, home and kitchenware items, cosmetics, ladies and men’s wear, electrical and etc. In each of our department, we have grown to further extend the variety to keep up with the trend.


Regarding how we advertise our goods and services including the Company itself, we have advanced to utilizing the use of Social Media such as posting up on Instagram regarding our promotional items, new arrivals, etc. We also implement the use of billboard especially during peak sales such as our national-wide known annual “Salebration”.

Number of Employees

We are a medium-to-large size of a Company with over 115 employees. Our Organizational Chart consists of CEOs, Managing Directors, Executive Director, Human Resource Manager, Financial Accountant, Office Administrators, Secretary, Marketing Coordinator, Graphic Designers, Department Supervisors, Cashiers and Shop Assistants


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